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Follow your senses to discover the wonder of Baby Cashmere

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Let the exotic scent of a faraway land lead you here

It was carried by the wind that blows through the deep dunes of inner Mongolia, where the ground is dried and the nights are cold.

A land that is hostile but hides the most precious secret.

Dunes and dry rocks smelling of the wild taste of the wind are decorated by tiny bunches of white hair caught up from the fleeces of the cashmere goats or Capra Hircus, the little and resilient animals living at one with this harsh land, protected by an incredibly fine fibre.


Seize the sound you will hear only once in a lifetime

It’s the sound of the hardworking hands of the local goat herders, gathering Baby Cashmere from the underfleece of Capra Hircus kids that are no more than 6 before they are 12 months old.

The time is right when the wind becomes quiet and the weather gets milder.

When they would have naturally moulted anyway, between May and June, local herders delicately comb the goats, separating the babies’ underfleece from that of the adults.


See purity and craftsmanship unite

Measuring 13.5 microns in diameter, Baby Cashmere’s lightness and softness is beyond compare to the already fine Cashmere that is around 15 microns.

Catch a glimpse of the extraordinary
30 grammes of rarity.

It’s what is usable from the 80 grammes of fine fibre obtained from a Baby Cashmere goat.


Awaken your senses with the sublime touch of Baby Cashmere on your skin

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